Class Methods Offered

Barre Class: Not all barre classes are created equal, although Taz follows the principles set out in most barre methods, being a low impact ballet inspired workout done at the Barre (pronounced bar). She is dedicated to creating classes that progressively challenge attendees, incorporating body weight, light resistance and cardio with a focus on improving posture, core stability and lean muscle definition.

Move.Sculpt.Love: A signature class developed by Taz designed to keep the heart rate up and the muscles working harder than ever, incorporating elements of dance, cardio, body conditioning and flexibility training to get attendees to Move, Sculpt & Love their bodies.

Schedule: Take weekly classes with Taz

Monday: 9:00am Alice Lane Virgin Active

Tuesday: 8:30am Alice Lane Virgin Active

Wednesday: 6:15pm Wellness In Motion

Thursday: 8:30am Alice Lane Virgin Active

Saturday: 9:15am Wellness In Motion